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Scottish Highland Cattle

Naturally reared beef - tastes like beef used to - and flavoured by those who love good eating. We produce prime quality grass-fed Highland Beef, from pedigree Highland Cattle, Scotland's best known and oldest native breed. Being primarily grass-fed as opposed to a grain based diet, the meat is particularly nutritious.


Sourcing - our cattle are allowed to grow and "finish" in their own time, and here they are generally ready for processing at between 22 and 36 months of age - a bit older than modern day commercial cattle. This is why it is not always easy to find a place to buy guaranteed purebred Highland beef as most beef farmers prefer to work with the big continental cattle and their crosses which are faster growing. Highlanders are not very big cattle, but what they lack in size and speed of growth, they more than make up for in eating quality.

Highland Beef is outstanding for its flavour, tenderness and fine texture, without much outer fat but well marbled for succulence. Our sides of beef are matured in a chill for three weeks before cutting, to enhance flavour and tenderness. This also reduced shrinkage during cooking.


Scottish Highland Cattle Meat is Premium Beef


The Scottish Highlander has a modern beef carcass with lean, well-marbled, flesh that ensures tenderness and succulence with a very distinctive flavor. Highland beef is healthy and nutritious with lower levels of fat and cholesterol and a higher protein and iron content than other beef.


Highland Beef is healthy and nutritious

Highland cattle beef is known as the Heart-Friendly beef for good reason.

Recent studies in both North America and the UK have shown that Highland Beef is consistently much lower in fat content and cholesterol than other breeds. It is so lean that it compares with chicken and fish fat content.


The marbling of the beef gives the same tenderness and tastiness as the other larger breeds.

Studies in the US have verified that Highland Beef is 38% lower in fat content and 4% lower in cholesterol than steaks from local supermarkets.

Studies in the UK list the quantities of fat per 100 grams as:

Scottish Highland Cattle Other Breeds Beef Overall

Fat4.5g /100g15.6g /100g

Cholesterol40.9mg / 100g64.3mg / 100g

Protein20.7g / 100g18.6g / 100g

Iron2.1mg / 100g2.0mg / 100g


100% Grass-Fed Beef & Grass-Finished from our Scottish Highland Cattle!


Interesting facts:


•Highland cattle can reach a running speed of 40km/h

•They are the oldest registered breed of cattle with the first herd being documented in 1884.

•Highland Cattle (also known as the hairy cow) are bred primarily for their lean meat and for cattle shows.

•They use their horns to dig through thick snow to find vegetation that lies underneath and to defend themselves from predators and other rival Highland Cattle.

•Cattle consume as much as 70kg of plant matter a day!

•Diet: Grass, leaves, flowers, shrubs and browse on low hanging trees.

•Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family maintain a purebred fold of Scottish Highland Cattle at Balmoral Castle where they are naturally raised and grass fed. Balmoral Castle occupies 65,000 acres of naturally preserved landscape. The Queen's herd has been as large as 100, but in recent years has been reduced to half that. When the Royal Family travel, they often send their own meat ahead of them, as they believe it is the healthiest of meats


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