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Award Winning Free Range eggs

Fast Fry Steak

Prime Rib Steak

The Favorite $75 Freezer Package - SOLD OUT

Temporarily Sold Out. At this time, once you spend $85 on beef we will offer a 10% discount on your order. 

This is a great package to start filling your freezer with tasty, naturally raised meats. Black Angus Beef and Local, humanely raised Pork. 

Grilling Steak x 2 or Roast x 1

Mix of Ground Beef/Stew/Stir Fry  x 4 

Pork Chop x 2

Pork Sausage x 2


Pricing includes Wednesday delivery to City of Peterborough, Lakefield and Bridgenorth. Farm pick up by appointment ONLY.


Coos, Cows and Bulls

Pasture raised and Grass fed Highland Beef (knows as Coos) and Black Angus Beef. 

Never any hormones or antibiotics!

Highland beef has a demand that far exceeds supply so please watch our site for updates on inventory and processing dates. 

Hens and Toms


Frozen whole chicken. 

$4.50 per lb

Free Range Eggs

Eggs need to be picked up at the farm


Free range is how all of our girls and boys live. Cage free, experiencing grass and all that nature has to offer them. 

Always NO hormones or antibotics!

Our flock of laying hens provide us with fresh brown eggs every day.


Frozen half chicken

$4.75 per lb


Fresh Turkey

$4.50 per lb

Oink and Oink

Humanely raised is the key to great tasting pork. Crate free and fed quality feed all translate to great taste.


Loin Chops, Rib Chops, Ham Chops

$8 ea


Breakfast, Bratwurst, Sweet Italian, Oktoberfest

$8.00 per lb


Smoked and Fresh Pork Belly

$10. per lb

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